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Have you had friends who called you out of the blue to invite you out for a drink or lunch?

Pretty sure some of these thoughts have crossed your mind:

  • He/she wants to see you to share some good news or

  • Maybe asking you for a favour or

  • God forbid, trying to introduce you to some insurance or investment or multi-level-marketing products.

If you had dabbled in networking marketing know the feeling.

Your friends and relatives deliberately avoiding you fearing that you may pitch them.

Welcome to the "no friends left" club.

That's the bad rap that networking marketing gets.

But what if you are representing a product that most parents would like for their kids?

A product that does not need you to sell?

And a market that extends beyond your circle of family and friends?

To help parents like Sindy.

If you want to succeed in a noble business venture - helping kids do well in school, we can help get you started.

Your Business Friends Forever,

Helen, Eileen and Rachel.

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