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Are you barely scraping through with ONE source of income now?

What if you lose this? With recession coming, it could happen.

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Join us in this LIVE Webinar to discover:

  • How you can quickly build a new income source by starting a business from home with minimal fuss.

  • An introduction to a proven system and process to help you sell, promote and manage your business even when you don't have your own product to sell (Hint: we've got a great one for you).

  • A friendly and supportive community of home-based women entrepreneurs to guide and cheer you on this journey.

  • How to attract prospects to buy from you rather than using aggressive hard selling methods which everyone hates (we do too!).

  • Provide you with a pathway to financial independence while allowing you to decide when and where you want to work without having to report to a Boss or supervisor. We only have cheerleaders here, by the way.

Hi there,

Women Community (WIN)

We are H.E.R - Helen (former banker turned stay-at-home mom), Eileen (business owner mom) and Rachel (working mom).

And together, we’ve set up Women In Networking (WIN) - a community built by and for women to empower you to have a recession-proof and ever-in-demand home-based business.

Because we were once like you:

  • Striving for significance.​

  • Fighting for that next promotion.

  • Going through the motions of 9-to-5.​

  • While struggling to balance time to be with your loved ones.

  • And worried if we lose our job.

They've done it, so can you...

Seng Lan

As a part-time working mom with 3 teenagers, I know how difficult it is to take care of the family. During the pandemic, I was introduced to venture into this e-learning opportunity which allowed me to reach out to help moms seeking to earn extra income for their plan B. It's been financially rewarding and fulfilling venture for me and the moms I helped.

Seng Lan

Over here, I met with so many wonderful, strong and beautiful ladies. Also, I can pursue this noble mission of mins in contributing to education. Most importantly, I know I am not doing this alone. I have a whole community of wmen from all walks of life to journey with me, side by side.



I'm grateful that through this business and WIN, it has changed me greatly, as a person as well as my business. This is the place where I found my breakthroughs, be it big or small and through them, I am growing to be a stronger and better self each day.


Having access to a digital learning platform has allowed me to better prepare for my family's future while empowering kids through education and supporting parents from all walks of life.

Su Ann

Su Ann

During the pandemic, I chanced upon a women community who are education believers and I leveraged on their strength to build a side income for myself and continue to help more children to learn effectively through our online learning programme. Proud to be part of the WIN community, creating friendships and realising our dreams to be financially independent.


We will show you the secrets...

In this 90 minutes FREE webinar, we will show you how you can market and sell an online education platform as a business that DOES NOT require you to:

  • Set up a store (physical or virtual).

  • Commit to buy inventories (that’s so old school).

  • Report to a supervisor.

  • Commit to any sales target - you decide how and when you want to work.

  • To start a business without staffing overheads.

  • No more 9-to-5 routines. You decide how long and when you want to work.


You'll also discover the secrets to become a successful home-based businesswoman.

And how you can even start this as a side gig while keeping your day job until you are ready to strike out on your own.

Register for the Webinar.
TUESDAY, 8:30PM (GMT +8)

Women In Networking (WIN) - A community of home based women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

1, Jalan Impian, Taman Puchong Impian 2, 47100 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia

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