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LIFE is MORE than this....

Day in day out. Taking the same route, meeting the same people, same conversation, same complaint.

Children at home longing for me to be with them.

Is that all in life going to work and come back late? How long do I need to do this?

I’ve been asking myself this question many times.

…. [Do you have this conversation with yourself?]

Every time I think of something different to do.

Guess what? Fear creeps in…

What if? I fail

What if? I can’t do it.

What if? I don’t know-how.

{Thinking out loud}

Doing the same thing again and again, and hoping to have a different result… IT'S JUST INSANITY

Took me so long to step out of my comfort zone. Something money can’t buy is to spend time with my children. Years just flew by. Strangers we have become. If I don’t take charge of my life NOW, it will be all gone. Is it worth it?

I made a very BOLD decision to start something different with an amazing group of ladies that believe in me, coach me, and journey with me. NOW working from home having a source of income and I manage to build a bond with my children while there are still with me. Speak soon, Eileen

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