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WIN Women

Where women get to build a business from home

Women empowerment

Women in Networking (WIN) is all about empowering women to take charge of their professional and financial future.

Join a community of women dedicated in advancing business skills by starting and growing a children's online education business.

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Women in Networking (WIN)

A collective of stay-at-home moms, working professionals, tutors and educators, Women in Networking (WIN) was created to provide support, sharing of knowledge and more importantly, providing a platform for women to launch a business in the growing children's online education market.

We created this safe space for you
❤️ To network
❤️ To learn
❤️ To grow
❤️ And to achieve your full potential as an Entrepreneur.


Helping women discover their wings

Entrepreneurship don't have to be a lonely journey

Tap into the shared knowledge of women who has successfully built their business from home so that you don't have to start from scratch.

Leverage into a suite of trainings, social media marketing skills and networking to level up quickly.

And save time searching for a viable business - we have one ready for you to start almost immediately.

We are stronger as a community
About HER
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Meet the founders (H.E.R)

Helen Cheah (WIN)

Helen Cheah

Left the corporate world 20 years ago to focus on the family as a full time stay-at-home mom.

While it was a fulfilling experience, she knew deep inside that she could be more and do more. Despite her lack of experience in business, she proceeded to start a business from home in the online children's education space.

She has since helped thousand of students to learn better and more than 200 women to realise their dreams.

Eileen Leong (WIN)

Eileen Leong

A daycare and tuition centre owner with 12 years of experience in the education industry.

Like many tuition centres, she lost many students when the pandemic hit in the first year.

However, she has since grown her business when she added an online learning platform to her business in the following year.

The students population have now extended beyond the borders of her physical class with more than 350 students having a study buddy and allowing underprivileged kids access to learning.

She now helps other centre owners, private tutors and educators to grow their income through this system.

Rachel Lim (WIN)

Rachel Lim

A working mom with two kids. While the day job was good, she wanted to explore starting a business in her spare time without the risk of heavy financial commitments and extreme demands on her time.

And this online education business fits what she was looking for.

And as a co-founder of Women in Networking, she now helps working women achieve the balance between career and business success. 

Webinar 1
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A 90-min webinar that could change both you and your family's future

Is it viable to start a business from home? How much time do I need? How can I start?

You'll get answers to all these questions and more when you attend our free webinar.

Let us show you the possibilities - even when you have zero experience in running a business.

And start a business where:
👉 No more 9 to 6 grind.
👉 No one to answer to except you as the Boss.
👉 Decide when, where and how you wish to work.
👉 No inventory to buy and keep.

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Supporting the women in our community

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Join our private Facebook Group

Make new friends and get inspired to start a business that you can call your own. 

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Our thoughts

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Discover a way to gain your financial abundance and unleash your talent for business

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